Kids Sponsorships

We love kids. We also love what being a part of sports team or club can teach young people. If you are looking for a sponsorship, please feel to reach out you us today. How it works ? We place a budget together at the end of each year for the upcoming calendar year. Unfortunately, we can not say YES to every request each year but we try our very best to accommodate a few children each and every year. Just a quick tip; we really enjoy it when the child is part of the sponsorship request along with their parent(s); it can really teach a child a host of other different life skills.

A fine hockey player, an even finer young man. We were honoured to sponsor you this past season; can’t wait to see you play once again next season Dylan. Congratulations to you and your teammates on another awesome season.

CONTACT US for a potential sponsorship.

Shawn & Angela